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Do I Need an Appointment?

How Much
Does It Cost?

No! Just come on in!

We seat last painters

one hour before closing time.

We'll show you how it works so

there's no experience needed!

You can call ahead for groups of

6 or more, or schedule a party!

Studio Fees


Adults $7,

Kids 12 and younger $5

(for paints, glaze, and firing)

 Plus price of piece

(average price of piece $18-20)

Only 1 studio fee per person,

even if painting multiple pieces!

Canvas and Wood Hangers:

Adults $3.50,

Kids 12 and younger $2.50

Plus price of piece ($20-45)

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Can I Take It Home Today?

Ceramic pieces are glazed,  fired, and ready

for pick up in about a week.

Canvases and wood door hangers are painted

with acrylics and can be taken home  after painting.

Ceramic pieces not meant for food may be painted with acrylics

and taken home, but won't have that beautiful glazed shine!




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